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Marble candles

Marble candles


Hand-painted, vibrant, cheerful, dip-dye, unique marbled dinner candles to add a pop of colour to your home decor and brighten up any room. So special, you won’t want to light them!


Reimagining the candle as an ornament, each hand-marbled piece is both a functional and striking addition to any space.


+ Comes as a pair of candles in a box
+ Burn time approx. 7 hours
+ Unscented
+ Paraffin wax
+ Cotton wick
+ Each candle is 25cm tall and 2.3cm diameter at the base


Each candle is individually hand-marbled with a thin layer of ink using traditional marbling methods, so naturally, every candle will be unique, and the patterns and colour ratios will vary from the listing images.


These candles are intended for decorative purposes. If you’d like to burn them, please follow these safety instructions:
- Do not leave burning candles unattended
- As with all candles, it is recommended to trim the wick during burning, but coated candles like these may require more frequent trims for an even burn
- Always extinguish flame before trimming wick
- Trim wick to 0.5cm each time
- Keep lit candles away from children, pets and anything that may catch fire
- Place out of direct sunlight and away from draughts and heat sources
- Burn candles upright, standing securely in a heat-resistant candle holder
- Keep candles at least 10cm apart

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